Work diary – A week in January


Spotted: first student of the academic year – the black crested sports player. Campus otherwise deserted.


Had a meeting with my manager today, and we seem to be having a competition to see which of us can be the least excited by our work. At the moment she is winning, but I do need to work on my pretending-to-care face if I’m to have any hope of a decent reference, as by the end of the meeting I was virtually slumped in a heap on the desk. 

A memorable exchange ran thus:

Manager: Communications are just bull**** really. Anyway, this is one of my least favourite jobs, and it’s really time consuming, so I’m going to pass it on to you.

Me: … … Great. 


This job is excellent practice for if I ever need to win an international staring into space contest. 

Thursday: lunchtime

Went to the drama room in search of choir but there was no sign, and all was dark. I sang a bit and played ‘London’s Burning’ on the glockenspiel in the hope of drawing the musicians out of the woodwork, but no luck. I made friends with a ladybird crawling along the windowsill instead. 

Spotted on studentwatch this morning: the pink-crested jogger. 

Friday: lunchtime

Went over to the sandwich shop for my standard panini and was taken aback to find the place full of students. They had appeared seemingly from nowhere and in full force, as if someone had put a lure on pokéstop. I rejoiced to see the campus buzzing with life at last, but the novelty quickly wore off as I sat trying to eat my panini under frequent fire from mis-hit table tennis balls.  


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