“Stop searching for your passion” – TED talk by Terri Trespicio

This talk has an interesting take on the kind of situation I’m in at the moment – worried about what my future might hold and afraid of making the wrong choices. As Terri puts it, being afraid of “picking the wrong job and getting on the wrong train to the wrong future.”

She argues that the idea of finding and following a passion is basically a myth that is worrying a lot of us unnecessarily. Life doesn’t follow a plan, and if we try to make it do that, we can miss out on other opportunities we might enjoy – and become passionate about.

Terri says that “success can fuel passion more than passion fuels success,” i.e. finding the kind of work you’re interested in can often stem from something going well or solving a problem. I don’t think you should stick at something indefinitely trying to make yourself feel interested in it, and I find passion can be a helpful source of motivation, but on the whole I think I agree with her talk. 

I’m definitely feeling the paralysing fear she talks about – wanting to keep my options open, I’m avoiding heading in any definite direction. But I’m not enjoying having my options open. I’m so consumed by trying to imagine the future that often it’s difficult to notice the present. 

I’ll try to keep a closer eye on what’s in front of me, and look out for problems that need solving. 

Do you believe in following a passion? Leave a comment if you’d like to. 


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